Speaker Spotlight

Eric Hinman & Chris Bily: Original Grain

Eric Hinman and Chris Bily spoke at the Entrepreneurship Club meeting on January 23rd. Both are serial entrepreneurs. Eric founded Urban Life Athletics, App Fury, Hinman & Associates, and We Are Mobile, and Chris founded Modern Malt and Ice Cream Social. Combining their entrepreneurial backgrounds, they joined forces to create their most exciting venture yet: Original Grain.

What is Original Grain you ask? It’s a classic fast casual restaurant you would find in the center of California located in the heart of Syracuse, NY.

Walking through the doors you can tell Original Grain is inspired by the breezy lifestyle of carefree spirits. The menu includes smoothies, poke bowls, sushi burritos, sandwiches, and their famous brekkie bowls.

Their advice to the club was to get moving! Even if you think your idea is silly, ask others for their opinions. Who knows, it might just be the next Original Grain!